Founder GaloShire

It was all started during autumn 2015 in Manchester, England. We don’t know what to do to kill time. We rented a 3-bedroom terrace house in Manchester with a lot of space under-utilised.  The challenge comes from my husband to do something by investing his £ 300 money for the capital. In other words, I am forced indirectly to do business as a personal shopper. That’s how the departure of our business came into reality.

We start the journey by taking pre-order for kitchen and electrical appliances for family and friends from Malaysia. Now, we are proud of selling only authentic fashion items product. We trust that by respecting the artistry of each designer were the unique selling point for demand from Malaysia. This business plays a significant part of our life now. It was a cliche story, but it all commences here.

Our initial strategy was to provide variety of quality items from online shopping at an affordable price. Then we discover that the outlet price is way lower than the boutique price. That’s when we proceed to progress on fashion accessories such as handbags, wallet, watches etc. We rarely taking preorder for kitchen and electrical appliances as we don’t have enough workforce to cater to the operation of those things as the item comes in bulk and large. 

Our brand has known by the name until April 2020. Now we aim to pursue another level of exclusivity by re-brand to GaloShire. That’s how we want to redefine our brand and seeks quality in service and operation.

GaloShire is a word combination between Galore and Shire. Whereby galore means in abundance or aplenty or in a short word is a gallery. While Shire indicates or symbolises a county in the UK. In GaloShire brand, we define as a place that has a lot of fashion accessories gallery.