Vax SpotWash Duo 1-1-142717 Spot Cleaner299/8770

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With duplicate tools, one set always stays clean for everyday cleaning, reserving the second set for messy or unhyegienic clean-ups.

  • Suitable for carpets, hard floors, stairs and upholstery.
  • 1.6 litre clean water tank capacity.
  • 1 litre dirty water tank capacity.
    4.5m power cord.
  • 1.52m hose.
  • Edge to edge cleaning.
  • Sucks up spills.
  • Adjustable floor head for carpet cleaning.
  • Carry handle.
  • Includes Everyday 2-in-1 Tool and Messy Clean Up 2-in-1 Tool, plus 250ml Spot Washer Cleaning Solution.
  • Weight 3.89kg.

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