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GaloShire has since started selling fashion items since 2015 directly from store outlet in the UK and Europe. The item sell doesn’t necessarily have to indicates Made in England or other Europe countries since designer handbags mostly made in China, Vietnam or rtp live any other countries. If the designer fashion item made from Asian countries does not mean that it is a fake item or AAA grade, they used labour force from Asian countries to control the selling bocoran slot gacor hari ini price.

GaloShire sells only authentic items obyek wisata dieng because we respect the artistry of the designer and proud to sell this because it features our unique selling point.

GaloShire is a word combination between Galore and Shire. Whereby galore means in abundance or aplenty or in a short word is a gallery. While Shire indicates or symbolises a county in the UK. In GaloShire brand, we define as a place that has a lot of fashion accessories gallery
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